Cat Mario

Syobon Action or Cat Mario is a game created by the Japanese developers in February 2007. This game is very popular over the world because the developers did a really great job to turn the traditional mario world into the most dangerous place where the objects that may seem innocent at first glance will kill you. Don’t be afraid that the game is in japanese language, just hist the first button to start playing the game. All you have to know to succeed in Cat Mario Game is two simple words : Watch Out! This game is full of hidden obstacles and traps. You may walk under the blocks and suddenly the will fall down.

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The greatest strategy how to succeed in Cat Mario is to remember all traps and try to reach checkpoints. Oh, I forgot to mention that the main character of this game is a small white cat and the monsters that you will find on your way are also differ from the traditional monsters of Mario World. Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy the full version of Cat Mario flash game at our website and complete all levels of this game. By the way, there are only 8 levels in this game but I bet you can hardly ever complete the first one.